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Calimero's ArchLinux Live.

CTKArch brings together all you can find on this website, you'll be able to see how it looks, and even adopt it ! (it's installable)

It is designed to run on the least powerful PCs (400MHz for instance, with 64MB ram), without sacrificing any functionality in this scope.
On a dual core, it becomes extremely fast.

- Versions :

Discovery Download Informations

0.6 - 03/11/2010

ctkarchlive-0.6-i686.iso (547MiB)
32bit hybrid iso image

ctkarchlive-0.6-x64.iso (571MiB)
64bit hybrid iso image

Base versions coming soon

Download page

Hybrid ISO images for CD / storage media - instructions

Translated to english/french, HAL deleted, added Sylpheed, volumeicon...

Complete early KMS support, addons on the CD, advanced copy-to-ram options...

Details and downloads : CTKArchLive 0.6

0.5 - 06/02/2010

ctkarchlive-0.5-i686.iso (519MiB)
32bit hybrid iso image

ctkarchlive-0.5-x64.iso (547MiB)
64bit hybrid iso image

Download page (fr)

Hybrid ISO images for CD / storage media - instructions (fr)

Enhanced KMS support for intel/radeon/nvidia, Nouveau driver with experimental 3D acceleration for nVidia cards.
The /home persistant partition can now contain add-ons (fr) (RFC), archives adding anything to the live system !
The live can be copied to RAM when running, along with its add-ons. English locale addon

Details and downloads (french) : CTKArchLive 0.5

0.4 - 10/12/2009

ctkarchlive-0.4-i686.iso (517MiB)
32bit hybrid iso image

ctkarchlive-0.4-x64.iso (531MiB)
64bit hybrid iso image

ctkarchlive-0.4.1-i586.iso (504MiB)
old 32bit machines hybrid iso image
notes (fr)

Download page (fr)

Hybrid disk images : universal iso for CD / all storage mediums ! instructions (fr)

New bootloader, eye-candy !
You can have a persistant documents partition and copy the live to RAM.
Experimental KMS support for intel/radeon/nvidia, nVidia cards support with nouveau.
New software...

A documentation (fr) emerges.

Details and downloads (french) : CTKArchLive 0.4

0.3 - 05/10/2009

ctkarchlive-0.3.iso (509MiB)
32bit CD image

ctkarchlive-0.3.img (539MiB)
32bit disk image

ctkarchlive-0.3.1-x64.img (552MiB)
64bit disk image

Download page (fr)

Software added : brasero, lsof, … (9MB)
GTK theme adjusted (overglossed-hybrid), final version.

The live is now installable ! (which adds 180kB to the iso)
Test installed on an 1.5GHz with 480MB ram : 19s boot.
On a 2.6GHz dual core : 12s. ☻

64bit version : bepo-keymaps package added. kernel

0.2 - 23/09/2009

ctkarchlive-0.2.iso (500MiB)
32bit CD image

Download page (fr)

Introduction by Aldevar (fr)

Appearance : wallpapers, nice dark GTK theme and Azenis icon theme

Software added : tuxracer, gtkam (gphoto2), openssh, fbpanel-fr, avidemux…
Sound : now works directly on HDA intel cards (Front canal unmute)
Virtual machines : fbdev driver deleted, no more problems kernel

0.1 - 05/07/2009

ctkarchlive-0.1.iso (475MiB)
32bit CD image

Download page (fr)

First version !

A lightweight LiveCD with the minimal bunch of lightweight applications for doing almost everything.

2.6.30 kernel

- Feedback :

I rely on you to tell me what's wrong or missing, either via IRC, canal #archlinux-fr, or by mail, calimeroteknik at free dot fr.

If the graphical interface doesn't start, I'd be happy if you sent me a xorg.conf that works for you, along with the result of the "lspci |grep -i VGA" command !
Likely, if the sound doesn't work directly, tell me which volume in alsamixer you need to unmute/rise up.

Legal notice : the software on this CD is under the GNU GPL (or a close one, pacman -Qi software for details), and everything else including this page is under CC-by.
Please share without restriction ! ;)